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Take the quiz by Montreal Nutritionist Janice Cohen, R.D.

Regardless of whether you have set a list of very specific goals or you are just probing for options, our Readiness and Motivation to Change Questionnaire will give you a clearer idea of where you stand on your path to weight loss and personal well-being. Answer the questions below honestly, sum up the corresponding number of points and find out your result and our suggestions for further action. And, of course, have fun while doing all this.


Question 1: How happy/ unhappy are you with your current weight?

a) I am perfectly fine as I am – I love my body as it is and see no reason to change anything

b) I am overall happy with my current weight but there are some areas I want to improve

c) Oh, there’s a lot to be changed, but I am sure I can do this with little help from a specialist

d) My case is hopeless – I have so much excess weight that I cannot even dream about getting fit


Question 2: How affected is your health status by your weight?

a) I am taking different types of pills to overcome health issues related to being overweight

b) I am as healthy and fit as a person can be

c) Generally, I am quite healthy but my energy levels and productivity are not at their best

d) My excess weight is causing me problems with my heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other health-related issues but I am still not taking many pills


Question 3: How satisfied would you be if you lost 10% of your weight and this significantly improved your health and fitness?

a) I will be extremely happy to get this result

b) It will not be enough of a weight loss for me as I have too much excess weight

c) That’s too much weight for me to lose

d) 10% change is exactly what I need


Question 4: What is your motivation to change your eating habits, lose weight, and improve your health?

a) It will be fun to try something new

b) I feel I am getting too close to the point of no return and need to take urgent care

c) My health is very much deteriorated by my eating habits and I have to change them

d) I am conscious about my body and health and want to improve them as much as I can


Question 5: What is the role of physical activity in your life?

a) Picking up the phone and ordering a pizza is as much as I get to exercise

b) I am still able to walk up and down stairs but I get tired fairly quickly

c) I do some exercises 2-3 times a week but there’s room for improvement

d) I exercise regularly and follow a fitness regime strictly


Question 6: How do you feel about changing your eating habits?

a) A challenge that will be interesting to conquer

b) Forget about it – I love food and will not give up on anything

c) I know my body needs the nutrients it gets from food to operate properly and I am willing to follow a regime to help this process

d) It will be very hard for me but I know I have to do it if I want to get in shape


Question 7: How confident are you about devoting time and effort to weight loss by planning, shopping, cooking, exercising, keeping record of all activities, and meeting regularly with a nutritional expert?

a) It’s too much work for me, I can’t handle it

b) It will not be easy but I am confident I can do it knowing the outcome later

c) It’s no problem for me

d) I am not so sure I can do it, but I have to try


Question 8: How far from your desired weight goal are you on a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the greatest distance?

a) 6-8

b) 0-3

c) 4-5

d) 9-10


Now check your answers again and sum up the corresponding number of points for each of your answers:



Question 1:                Question 2:                Question 3:                Question 4:

a) 1 pt.                           a) 4 pts.                      a) 3 pts.                      a) 1 pt.

b) 2 pts.                         b) 1 pt.                        b) 4 pts.                      b) 4 pts.

c) 3 pts.                         c) 2 pts.                      c) 1 pt.                         c) 3 pts.

d) 4 pts.                        d) 3 pts.                      d) 2 pts.                      d) 2 pts.



Question 5:                Question 6:                Question 7:                Question 8:

a) 4 pts.                         a) 1 pt.                        a) 4 pts.                      a) 3 pts.

b) 3 pts.                         b) 4 pts.                      b) 2 pts.                      b) 1 pt.

c) 2 pts.                         c) 2 pts.                       c) 1 pt.                        c)  2 pts.

d) 1 pt.                           d) 3 pts.                      d) 3 pts.                      d) 4 pts.




A score from 8 to 13 points:

Your health status, fitness level, and general lifestyle do not suggest a need for change or weight loss. You feel great as you are, enjoying the beauty of life and all it has to offer. Should you decide to join a weight management program, it will be for the sole purpose of experimenting and seeing to what limits you can extend your own powers and abilities.


A score from 14 to 19 points:

You are careful with your body and try to be in line with its needs and requirements. You know, however, that you can do more to improve your well-being and seek ways to achieve it. Your motivation comes from your will for self-improvement and testing your abilities. You have the right disposition to undertake a very successful weight-loss program.


A score from 20 to 25 points:

Your health is declining, you are void of energy and stamina, and you are stuck with your inability to take the right steps. At least you are well aware that something needs to be changed urgently and this is a good sign. You have not lost all hope in your own capabilities but definitely need to consult with an expert to help and guide you on your way to weight reduction.


A score from 26 to 32 points:

Boy, do you need to change your habits! No wonder your health suffers so much. The real problem, though, lies with your rejecting the issue and not believing change is a viable option, ergo you just want to keep things as they are. You may lack the motivation to change right now but you sure do need to realize the disastrous state your body has been driven to. It is entirely up to you to start accepting the truth and search for professional help to 1) get ready psychologically for change and become motivated and 2) get you on track and keep you inspired to reach your goals.


And always remember – we are here to help you get started, so give us a call!


Janice Cohen, R.d. Montreal Nutritionist & team


*Image used in this post is from FreeDigitalPhotos/ Ambro


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