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Montreal Registered Dietitian Janice Cohen, B.Sc.

My name is Janice Cohen, B.Sc., R.D. – Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist in Montreal and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome you to the astounding world of health and success! Together we will discover how the body works, what nutrition it needs, what are the prerequisites to personal and professional success and how they are related to the right kind of eating and behavior, and much much more! Getting excited about what’s on the menu? We have so much to show you and help you finally take that first step you have been considering for so long! Here you will not only find valuable information on how to get/ stay fit and healthy but also how this is irrevocably connected to your psychological and mental well-being resulting in your personal and professional success.

Just like other aspects of the medical field, dietetics has greatly evolved over the years and nowadays it is considered one of the safest and fastest methods for preventing and helping all kinds of health and nutrition-related problems. There is a huge variety of reasons why people come for consultation. Some of these reasons include weight management, low energy levels, emotional eating disorders, excessive eating due to stress, medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, recurring stomach pains, acid reflux, chronic constipation, and many more. As a result of a successful nutrition plan, hundreds of people get rid of their excess weight and increase immensely their energy levels which immediately affects their productivity levels and helps in the coping with psychological and self-esteem problems, and generally leads to a greatly improved and more healthy life.

People come to me for consultation, support, and professional advice. This advice is given depending on individual levels of prior nutrition knowledge, experience, motivation, and readiness to change. Part of my job as an expert is to assess those levels. I am proud to meet each of my patients at their specific stage and to provide all the necessary conditions for imminent success. I always keep in mind the individual’s medical history, profile, current mental, emotional and physical state, and future goals.


My professional practice includes both individual and corporate programs. My services are covered by most insurance companies and insurance receipts are provided after each appointment. With office hours in the morning, at lunch-hour and after working hours it is easy to find an appointment time without any long wait. The three convenient office locations are yet another plus as they can be reached easily providing free parking and quick access to public transportation including train, bus and metro. I can also accommodate on-site and home visits as well as online consultations for clients with logistics or time constraints.