“Janice has absolutely changed our lives. I cannot imagine having someone more knowledgable and compassionate as a nutritionist. She is very helpful and always has a solution even for the most challenging issues that we might encounter. We highly recommend her to anybody who needs advice in nutrition.”



Laura Iza,

Montreal, Canada

“Dear Janice Cohen,

Allow me to thank you, for the significant contribution that you made to this year’s teaching of Nutrition in Unit 4 of the Medical and Dental curriculum …”


Ann Wechsler Ph.D.,

McGill University, Faculty of Medicine

“Janice organized a nutrition info day at the company I was then working at and I was amazed by her professionalism, warm attitude, and readiness to help others. She shared a ton of valuable knowledge with us.”


Kathleen Tresor,

Laval, Quebec, Canada

“Hi, Janice, we met at the Ben-Weider JCC YM-YWHA and I just wanted to let you know I am really thrilled to be part of your program! Keep up the excellent work!”



Jane Griffith

Montreal, Canada

“We hired Janice Cohen to make a nutrition information booth for us in May 2011 and we were delighted with the quality service and cooperation she provided.”


PSH Ltd.,

Brossard, Quebec, Canada

“You are awesome and I’ll make sure more people get to know that!!!”



Victoria Frost,

Montreal, Canada

“I used to have many problems related to my low self-esteem and unfortunate relationships with women. This originated from and resulted in gaining excess weight – the vicious circle I hated so much but just felt helpless to overcome. Then a friend of mine who lives in downtown Montreal mentioned Janice and said she was so happy with her and the results from her own diet that I told myself I just had nothing to lose, so I went ahead and made an appointment for a personal consultation. And, as they say, the rest is history. I lost 58 lb., gained much of so needed self-respect and now I am happy with my girlfriend, whom I met in the program. So, I guess I just want to say a very big Thank You to the woman, the professional who changed my life for the better!”


John Lethgow,

Wisconsin Dells, WI

“I cannot believe my family’s luck meeting Janice. We decided to undertake her special family program which was not only extremely affordable, but also amazingly effective! My daughter lost 20 lbs. in just a couple of months, my husband who has diabetes is now on his own personal diet and feeling superb and I changed my eating habits to match my personality and life goals. The result – I have never in my entire life felt better or more accomplished! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs professional nutrition advice!”


The Kaldbergs,

Chicago, IL